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Hello, welcome. This is AdventureClan wiki, one of the many warriors Role Play sites. Here you can join a Clan, and play your very own Cat Persona. There are many Clans to choose from and you can even make your own by contacting an admin. Before Joining a Clan, you must contact the person who's cat persona is the leader at the time, even if he/she are not the clans creators. If you join an active clan (A clan who has a medicine cat, a leader, a deputy, and at least three warriors, along with their RP started) and do not become a kit, either by choice or because lack of queens, you are then a former. A former is a clan cat that was not clan born, and choose to join the clan. All of the other things to know and a list of active and non-active clans can be found at Adventure Clan Wiki:About the RP.

If you would like to become a RP Master (A person permitted to change clan information, control NPCs [Non-Playable Characters], etc.) Please contact an admin. All Admin are RP masters also. For more information on what a RP Master can do, please look at Adventure Clan Wiki:Administrators

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