Leader: Fallenstar (Randomkitten)

Deputy: Shadowdawn (TRiF0RCE1995)

Medicine Cat: Amberberry (Perrystar2272)


Eagleblaze (Mew the Creator)

Mapleshine (MCcomics)

Apprentice:Dawnkit (Firestar+Sandstorm)

Frostflame (The Flame Princess)

Apprentice:Sunkit (Firestar+finn)

Windsong (Webberlover)

Fireclaw (Flambo the Epic Epic(;)

Eaglestrike (Breathe Tomorrow)

Sandyflame (Sweet Princess)

Flarepelt (Tutu2010)

Flamecloud (Piplupscool3)


Feathersnow (Wookie Warrior)

Kits:Lilykit (Sumersprkl), Lightningkit (Happy Smothie), Softkit (Backflipgal)


Shiningcreek (Pinkamina DianePie)


Location: Forest

Prey: Mice, Fish

Personality: Shy, Strict


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